QIntegral Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne (Australia) in 2018, with the goal of helping our clients achieve improved exploration, production and storage outcomes when using geophysical data.

Some reasons to choose QIntegral for your advanced geophysics projects include:

  • We integrate diverse geophysical, geological and engineering information into our QI analyses (using our QUIACITO and INQUIRE software)
  • Geology drives our workflows for explorational rock physics and depth conversion
  • We make compelling amplitude maps and images
  • Insightful and fit-for-purpose depth conversion workflows (using our EzTZ software)
  • We build sophisticated models to calibrate seismic amplitude and AvO data
  • Thought leadership in multiphysics integration and the use of probabilistic methods in geoscience (via our BayesTree software)


Key personnel:

Dr Jarrod Dunne

Dr Jarrod Dunne – geophysicist, company director, software designer

  • 25+ years’ E&P experience with Shell, Woodside, Nexus, MEO/Melbana and Karoon Energy
  • Recognized expert in seismic amplitude (AvO) interpretation, depth conversion, reservoir characterization, seismic processing, seismic acquisition
  • Track record of improving seismic data quality
  • Operational experience in seismic surveying, team and permit management
  • Team player in several major oil and gas discoveries (Thylacine, Geographe, Blacktip, Neon (Brazil) among many others in Australia and abroad)
  • Full E&P lifecycle experience in most Australian basins, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Nigeria, Qatar, Pakistan, Libya, Sakhalin, etc.

Dr James Parsons

Dr James Parsons - geophysicist, fault seal expert, software engineer

  • 25+ years’ experience with Badley Geoscience, Intrepid Geophysics and Karoon Energy
  • Technical director of Quantiseal, a leading provider of fault seal evaluation services
  • Seismic modelling, seismic petrophysics, rock physics, depth conversion and programming skills

Tom McNamara

Tom McNamara - geophysicist, geologist

  • Skills include gravity, magnetic and EM survey design, data acquisition and processing, forward modelling, GIS, seismic interpretation and Python programming
  • QIntegral software development, testing and training
  • MSc at University of Melbourne focussing on structural modelling with potential fields and machine learning methods for geophysical interpretation

Simon Cordery

Simon Cordery - senior geophysicist

  • 30+ years' hands on experience in seismic processing of 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data
  • Project management, contractor QC and management skills, most notably from senior positions held in Shell and Aramco
  • MSc at University of Durham


Corporate Governance:

Current Corporate Policies include: Anti-Corruption, Fraud and Bribery; HSE; and our Modern Slavery Statement

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