Now Available.

See the table below for our current list of regional multiclient well-based time-depth conversion databases. These can be bought individually for quite modest fees.

td rp db dec2020

The depth conversion databases consist of QC’d well-based time/depth data derived from checkshots, VSP and synthetic ties. The databases come with interpreted V0-k trends which often accurately describe the stratigraphic and burial dependence of depth conversion for many basins around the World. The example below from the Otway Basin (Australia) shows how these V0-k trends can be used to directly perform regional scale time-depth conversions.

The depth conversion databases also enable accurate seismic velocity calibration to wells, thus adding value to seismic velocity products from other providers. New regional datasets can be built in a matter of days or weeks using our EzTZ™ software. Please contact us for more information.

otway tdconv