Now Available.

See the table below for our current list of regional multiclient  rock physics databases. These can be bought individually for quite modest fees.

td rp db dec2020

The rock physics databases consist of QC’d well log data that have been conditioned for rock physics trend analysis using a "hands off" seismic petrophysics workflow. The databases come with linked sets of rock physics trends (see example below) and rock physics templates which often accurately describe the lithological and burial dependence of elastic rock properties (Vp, Vs and Density) for sediments in many basins around the World.

The rock physics databases facilitate AvO modelling for calibrating observed AvO anomalies at any depth in the basin. The rock physics templates can be used to aid interpretation of seismic AvO inversion products from any provider. New regional datasets can be built in a matter of weeks using our LASATRON+™ and INQUIRE™ software. Please contact us for more information.

linked rock physics trends